Who is the ideal and likely client of Best Home Staging Seattle? Our service is for anyone looking to sell their homes and have it set up for walkthroughs to give any home buyers the baseline of how they can set up their homes in the future. This service includes packages ranging from real estate photography to vacant home staging. These services will ensure that the homes look ready for walkthroughs and will give that sense of feeling of being at home for our buyers instead of an empty house that will discourage buyers from looking at the property. The more appliances and furniture the more likely that the buyer will stay to look around which gives a high chance of purchase at top dollar.

The way that Best Home Staging Seattle works is that we work to have your home set and ready for any online listing or in person walkthroughs. We have professionals and movers ready to set up the property ready to be staged. This means that these movers will set up furniture, home decor, paintings, plants, and so on for the property to look full. Our professional photographers will then get pictures of the property and give expert opinion. We will set up a 1 on 1 to see how our experts on home styling can give you ideas or suggestions on what should go where if you were to go with the real estate photo service.

In Best Home Staging Seattle our real estate photo service will provide a professional photographer and will utilize the existing property of the homeowners. Our occupied home staging service will provide an expert home stylist to come and check the property and have the placement of furniture moved around, this will ensure that the home looks nice and very well done for any walkthrough. This service also provides furniture rental service in which will be delivered to the property and taken back till the home has been purchased. Interior styling, beauty and function is our expertise, we will give our expert opinion and ideas to have your property looking beautiful and very stylish. Recommendations ranging from furniture to painted walls and changed floors. This is service is for our clients or home buyers

Overall our service can benefit yourself and home buyers so this will ensure that you are happy with the company and get your money’s worth. We have many more options and plans on our website that will help you dictate which is the best plan for you.

Give us a call 425-610-6624 for a quote or any questions you may have. Visit our website at https://edenhomestaging.com/. To learn more and learn about our company and what we can do for you. We will enjoy fixing up your home and hope to get you the most out of your property. We offer many packages and plans to help you and your family to make life easy by selling your property.

Best Home Staging Seattle | Making Home Selling Easy

The innovation that Best Home Staging Seattle is bringing to the home buying market is making it easier for home buyers to purchase a home with the baseline of having the ideas of how to start decorating and giving them the opportunity to see the house full instead of it being vacant. This has been proven to make the purchaser more likely to stay and look around the property and higher chance of purchase. The market on home staging is already low and rare to find and we are an affordable service that will help you in the most timely manner. Given many packages we offer we will ensure that you are satisfied with our service and will recommend it to any friends and family that are looking into selling their homes.

How affordable is Best Home Staging Seattle? We offer many services to accommodate your budget, ranging from just real estate photography, vacant home staging, interior styling which is a home design service and occupied home staging. Many of these services have different pricing and location and property matters as well when it comes to pricing. Our goal is to make sure you are able to sell your home faster and at an outstanding value.

We’re here to help at Best Home Staging Seattle and we’re good at what we do. 68% of realtors have stated that home buyers were disappointed by how the property appeared compared to those on tv. The issue is that they are mostly vacant and empty and most buyers wish to see how their property will look. 63% of home purchasers request to have their homes look like the ones they saw at the house tours with all the furniture and home decor. That’s where we would help in many ways whether it be a simple photography to a more advanced service as in vacant home decor. These services will ensure that buyers will be convinced by the home decor and the ability to have the knowledge into putting in that effort to purchase the similar home decor and furniture to make it look the way we styled it. This will guarantee the purchase of your home and at a high value.

The services we offer start at vacant home staging which include furniture, decor, wallart, lamps, design and styling. We will include shipping and receiving in a timely manner to when your house is sold. Experts and moving professionals would arrive and start the process of building a better home for the house tours. A simple service is real estate photography which includes a professional photographer and an expert advisor to come and take photos of your home and maybe move around a few things in the property. This service is provided if the client is still living in the home and has not been emptied but waiting to be sold.

Feel free to contact us at 425-610-6624 for an estimate and to schedule an appointment. Visit our website to find out more of our business and what we can offer at https://edenhomestaging.com/.