If it’s time to sell, there is only one best home staging Seattle has to offer. Our company services those trying to sell in the Seattle area on top of providing staging services to both the Snohomish county and King county areas. No matter if the home is not up to par when it comes to the furniture inside or you find yourself with only taking pictures of a vacant home, you will have the availability of receiving a free month of rental furniture upon booking our staging services today. We are also proud to announce we provide a free consultation upon booking as well.

Our best home staging Seattle staging company provides a multitude of design elements and styles that we can use within the home. One of our professionally trained designers will come onto the property, get a feel for the heart of your home, and email you with the design options we think is best for attracting potential purchasers of your property. We have noticed on the market today that buyers are attracted to clean lines in the style of a transitional home or the modern farmhouse feel of rustic accents. Our website shows the different styles we have available and we will stay upfront with the direction that would look best in the home.

Things you should keep in mind when researching who the best home staging Seattle is is a company who cares about their clients’ privacy. We know realtors will limit the knowledge of their sellers information to however the sellers choose, but many staging companies will allow third party companies to purchase clients’ information. They may not sell your information, but you may be signed up for emails that will spam the notifications on your phone or electronic device. No matter how much information you give our company, we promise you do not have to worry about us going anywhere with it.

Our staging company not only provides staging of a piece of property trying to be sold, but we service homes that are currently being lived in and not on the market. We also provide renovations for your current home if you need help when it comes to what styles would look best in your home. We know redecorating and coming up with new ideas can be difficult, especially trying to come up with ideas out of the box while inhabiting said box. Or maybe you purchased a home that needs getting and refurbishing completely. We also provide those services. Don’t demolish your home and call the professionals today.

If there are more questions you have or wonder if staging is really needed for your home, please check out all the information we provide on our website at https://edenhomestaging.com/contact-us/ as well as view all the beautiful styles we showcase. If you have any more questions our easy to use website cannot answer, please give us a call at 425-610-6624 and one of our representatives would be happy to speak with you. We are passionate about what we do and we are passionate about turning your home or selling property into a magazine cover today. Don’t trust another staging company for your home.

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If it’s time to completely renovate your home, you may not think that one of the best home staging Seattle companies would suit your needs. But you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not only do we provide staging for properties about to go on the market, but we also are happy to renovate the home that you are currently living in! We know that it is hard to come up with ideas on what style would suit your home best, so we have trained professional designers able to come to your home and give you a free consultation on what would be best for your home.

Unless you have a mess of tools laying around, like we do at the best home staging Seattle has to offer, and a keen eye when it comes to restructuring framework in your home, you do not want to attempt to completely renovate your home or hire cheap labor that does not know what they’re doing either. Leave the YouTube tutorials alone, and rely on a company that has a passion for what they do and the training to support their career and what they do. Our founders believe that every home should look wonderful at an affordable price, and we will not take the class out of the quality that goes into labor.

With an abundance of styles to choose from, the best home staging Seattle company is proud to announce that we have designers that can design your home into any style that you were looking for. With transitional homes with clean lines and modern farmhouse themes being all on the rise at the moment, we have our trained professional designers available to give you any style, including the two mentioned, to you and your home today. We will provide a free consultation to get a feel for you and your family, and we will email you design elements we think would work well in your home. Once you have approved the design, then we will have our trained professionals get to work on your home.

If you would like a view of the different rooms and homes we have serviced in the past, our website proudly displays our portfolio of all the homes we have worked on. We are so proud of the craftsmanship that our team has put into the work of each and everyone of these homes, that we are more than happy to showcase them on our website for all of our potential new customers to view. There are many testimonials on our website as well proving that we are not only the best when it comes to our hard work, but also the best when it comes to customer service.

To view all of our portfolio pictures as well as check out these testimonials we have previously mentioned, please use our easy to use website at https://edenhomestaging.com/contact-us/ for your viewing pleasure. If you have any questions that our website is not able to provide an answer to, we have wonderful representatives who would be more than happy to speak to you at 425-610-6624 to provide you with the answers you need to make booking our services as easy as possible. Do not try to attempt to renovate your home on your own and cause a chaotic mess that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Call the professionals and we will be more than happy to design a feng shui for your home and carry out the execution.