How does Best Home Staging Seattle solve the problem of home buyers refusing a home. Well it’s simple, and it starts with the vibe they get from a home. That emptiness of a home makes home buyers feel uneasy or bored of what their potential home can look like. This service is to make your home ready for a house tour and give the home buyer the chance and an idea of what they’re home can look like when they purchase it. This will give the home buyer a higher chance of purchasing their new home. 68% of home buyers are disappointed when looking at a house tour because it doesn’t look anything like the homes on television. This is where they come in and ensure the house is well staged for the house tours.

The services we offer at Best Home Staging Seattle include vacant home staging, interior styling, home design, occupied home staging and real estate home photography. These services will benefit you in any situation you may be in whether it’s your home that’s vacant or you just want some pictures of your home to sell online, they all vary. Our real estate photography service will have a professional photographer come take pictures of your home. An expert stylist will make arrangements around the home to ensure the home looks nice and beautiful for any online photo to be placed for sale on the internet.

This service at Best Home Staging Seattle is for you and you only. Our interior design and home styling is to give you the nice sweet home design you desire and need. We have styling experts come to you and give you furniture ideas to purchase and home decor and will go based on what you desire. They will help in styling your new home from the restroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room. Questions they ask you will go based on the way your home will be decorated. This service is for you to keep if you wish to need help in styling your new home

Our other services are occupied home staging which will be a home you own and furniture still inside but youre ready to sell. This will help in renting fees for furniture and maybe if it’s not enough our stylist will give recommendations to renting out a bit more furniture. This is to give the home a full look. Our experts may ask if furniture can be moved around to see if they look better in different areas.

Feel free to reach us at 425-610-6624 for any questions or concerns. Our website is for any more questions and to find out more about our business and services we offer. There is more information on the website and a gallery to give you an idea of what we can do for you at this business.

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How do Best Home Staging Seattle actually work? Well it’s simple. Our business will offer a variety of services to those who have different plans. We offer four plans for you to utilize when it comes to home selling. It can vary depending on circumstances. If your home is vacant we have a plan for that. If your home has furniture and home decor, there’s a plan for you. If you just want online photography then we have your back. If you just want to style your own home with expert advice then we’re the right business for you.

What we offer at Best Home Staging Seattle. Our main service and mostly used service is our vacant home staging. This will include expert stylists and professional movers. Our experts decide what furniture and wall art, decor, and such to rent out to give the home the cleanest and most beautiful look. Once rented out our professional movers will help unload and load up all the appliances. This will be done in a professional manner to ensure no harm is done to the property you’re selling or to the furniture. This service works amazing when selling a home. It has been proven to gain buyers and more people interested in purchasing your home. Most home buyers want to see what their home will look like when purchased. Of course all the furniture is rented and all the home decor as well. This business is to give the home buyer an idea of what they can expect when styling their home. Realtors have said that 68% of home buyers have been disappointed when buying a home since they look nothing like they do on television but that’s because it’s empty and they wish to see a house full of decor to get an idea of how they can build their home.

Our other services at Best Home Staging Seattle area occupied home staging and real estate photography. This service of occupied home staging is for when you have furniture in the home but need expert advice as to where to position the furniture. This will include optional rentals and moving around furniture to make the home look presentable and ready for a house tour. This service will also include photo prep staging. Making everything look nice and simple with this service and you will be the highest competition there is as well as to sell faster

These services are made for your home selling experience and to ensure you get the highest pay from selling your home. A great investment to your home shouldn’t be lost and that’s what we’re here for. To get the most of your home contact us to obtain your business. We will ensure your home looks amazing for your house tours and real estate photos that we take.

Contact us at 425-610-6624 for any questions or concerns. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and thank you for your time. Any unanswered questions can be found at our website at Visit our gallery and check out our other services.