The best home staging Seattle, we like to see ourselves as a client oriented company. If you’re a homeowner who is looking to sell or rent a house we are at the right company for you. It doesn’t matter what your needs are, we’re here to feel and bring your vision into life. Where not one more home staging company, we like to provide high quality furniture and enhanced spaces with art, accessories and a brand-new style. In order to do so, we have experts that will guide and advice you with their interior stylists skills.

To stay the best home staging Seattle, we need to stay with the latest trends and quality of our work. Our home staging process is very simple, we have different types of consultations depending on your needs, time, and budget. Our consultations can be as easy as just gathering photos of your place to sell. Our consultations mostly are about walking around rooms of your house, while giving some insight and advice of what you could do to enhance the rooms. During this consultation we will answer any questions or concerns that you might have: disappointments can range from 5 to 1 hour depending on appointment requests it.

Because we like to be the best home staging Seattle, we offer varied. We know that every customer has different needs, this is why we offer different services. Our services offers are vacant home staging, occupied home staging, and styling/designing consulting. As mentioned before we have different types of consultations, and this will depend on how much time and budget that you have. Our consultations range from $125-$300. We have from the simplest consultation, which is to walk-n-talk consultation to the most complex one which is the walk and talk consultation plus a written report.

We try to offer a professional work, from our experts with their vast experience. Our goal as a company is to not only furnish a room, but also enhance a space with the perfect balance of beauty and function. So remember, it doesn’t matter what you need is either if you are renting, selling, styling/designing your own house Eden Home Staging is the best pick. We try to be a hard-working and dedicated company, to make every customer happy. Our goal is not only to bring the customer’s vision into life, but also that our customers feel cared and happy along the process and with the results.

If you’re interested in our services, feel free to visit our website Where you can read more about us and check out our extensive folder, with every design and styles that we offer. We also have testimonials of former customers are happy with the final results. Also we have an offer, of a three bacon consultation along with a free rental furniture up to a month! If you have any questions or concerns, you can call us to our phone number unit number, where our experts will try to hear any doubts or concerns. Will be glad to hear back from you, and to bring your vision into life.

Best Home Staging Seattle

In order to be the best home staging Seattle, when only fit for your home to look amazing but also want you to feel listened and cared. For this to happen Eden Home Staging likes to lead with honesty, integrity, and compassion. We work hard to be as helpful as we can to every customer that walks in, we won that every customer feels not only happy with the results but also with the process. As interior styling cleaners we are here to transform each room where you or your guests will gain. Because this is what we love to do, we like to give the best service possible.

To stay as the best home staging Seattle, at Eden Home Staging every client matters. That is why no matter what your needs are we are looking for you. We have three types of services such as making home staging, occupied home staging, styling/designing consultant. Whether you’re renting your house, selling it, or even living on it and just want to enhance your space we are your best choice. Not only will like to have this many services, but we also want to be as accessible to our customers. Where mainly located in the greater Seattle area along with 28 more counties. You’re not near the area? Don’t worry about it, we got you! We also offer virtual meetings to ensure that every clients need is meet.

We consider ourselves as the best home staging Seattle, because of our experience and quality work that we provide. At Eden Home Staging we believe that we can enhance a space so we can have a perfect balance of beauty and function. We like to ensure that every customer’s need his meet. We like to see every room at its maximum potential, that is why our expert work hard to create the best work with the latest styles. I would staging the same team makes sure to design every room he can improve and enhance the home’s presentation. We like to see every house as a challenge, because every house and client’s tastes are different.

At Eden Home Staging we believe in maximizing the potential of not just a room back up the whole house. So, do you think you’re the perfect client? If you are moving out to allowed for a full they can, relocating, renovating, having a rental property, or even having a new build property; then you are the right fit. All you need to call us and choose the consultation that best fits for you. You will be amazed by the dramatic transformations that your house in general will have. We ensure that every guest that comes in, will be amazed with the furniture, accessories, and arts that will provide.

We understand that every client is different, that is why we offer six types of styles from which you can choose. So if you’re interested in making business with us, feel free to visit our website You’ll find more background story about us more detail of the services offered. We also have an extensive portfolio which shows all of our work and the different styles that we offer. We also have a “get your free vacant home consultation,” with along with free rental furniture, up to one month! If you want to talk to one of our representative or our experts, you can call to our phone number 425-610-6624. Will be glad to answer any questions or concerns.