Our home staging Seattle is tries to work and always lead with honesty, integrity, and compassion. We want to be hard workers teach our customers along the process. We were on the one that every of our customers has the desire outcome.No matter the reason or whatever your need is for hiring us, we want you to learn along this with us to see what are the best styles and designs in order to have the great results that we produce. Our team is here to help transform every room that we walk into, and that we will maximize the potential of them the best way we can. We have several services that we provide in order to serve our clients which is a vacant home staging, occupied home staging and styling/design consulting.

We do vacant home staging Seattle, which this is for every person who is trying to sell their home and want to maximize the potential buyer. The reason why we do this and it is very helpful when you’re planning to sell a home, is because we can put the vision of someone else’s house in this house so that they can influence more on the position that they are about to take. Our goal is to be present your home to look amazing, from the very smallest detail to the biggest piece of furniture that is going to be allocated and the room. We create a professional stage that will help you to sales anything present in the home in a warm and inviting way.

Our amazing staff from our home staging Seattle has been working hard in order to not only provide the best and professional work but also that you feel great along the process. Which is why we have traded every of our staff that he have to communicate well and matched the home to a nice array of furnishing and declarative items. The company is constructed only for the amazing work that they do but also how well you treat customers. We want our customers to always come back, and that they will be able to also recommend this to bear friends and family. Which is why we believe that providing quality and professionalism is a huge part of the only customer service parts water stays in the home.

We believe that our work has to be done professionally and with a high quality. Which is why we want to provide that top-notch environment in every house that we create. Which is why what you can expect is that we are going to be able to transform your space, no matter how little or how big the space we’re working with this. We have an extensive inventory with top-notch furniture that will provide and not only that but also arts and small details that will bring everything tied up.

If you want to have a free rental up to a month or a free vacant consultation, you can go to our website edenhomestaging.com where you can fill a form or you can call our phone number 425-610-6624. Our professionals are going to be ready for any questions or concerns or you might have at the moment, and they will be happy to hear back from you. We want to be part off your vision, and bringing it to reality.

Home Staging Seattle | Everything Is Done With Excellency

Our home staging Seattle is locating within the greater Seattle area. Because we like to stay accountable we also have 55 more areas in which we serve. If you are not near any of our locations, you don’t have to worry! We offer a styling/design service that can be done either personal or virtual. We are interior stylists who want to help you make your space beautiful and harmonious while bringing a perfect balance of beauty and function. Which is why we offer several services in which our amazing clients can take advantage off, and no matter what your needs are Eden home staging is here to create that specific position that you have in mind and bringing into life. Our main goal besides offering a great results for our customers, it still maximize the potential of every room in which we work on.

Whether you are planning to move out to allow a full vacant home staging Seattle service, relocating, renovating, selling the rental property or even having a new bill that you want to stage; we have many options to do so. Our design/tiling service is one of our exceptional services since we provide six types of styles from where our customers can choose, and depending on what suits their personality the best. The first design and style that we provide is translational which is a combination of traditional furnishings mixed with modern elements. Later with the contemporary style works it doesn’t refer as the period of time, this is most about changing to reflect two popular styles of present-day designs.

Our home staging Seattle also offers the style of modern design. This refers to a design of a home with clean lines and a simple color pattern and the different materials that can be used like metal, glass and steel. This design is very minimalistic in every element that is included in the room. The Mid centruy modern also refers to home with clean lines and simple color patterns and even the materials mentioned above, and is a very minimalistic but it’s down to be more masculine individuals. This type of styles encapsulates a cooler tone with a sense of complicity to every element including the furniture.

Our last two styles are organic boho, which this is one of the popular Renault which is a mixture of mid century, Scandinavian and bohemian designs these all come from the same era but a different place in the world. This has a base of neutral colors but it has splashes of color. It includes layers of earthly elements like Word, animal furs, poufs, and plants. The use of soft fabrics like linen, cotton and recycled organic materials is very common. Lastly we have the modern farmhouse, which includes a modern type of clean learning look with a rich mix of industrial elements like metal, gray wash reclaimeds wood and white walls.

If you are ready to start designing your house with us or if you are interested in having a free vacant consultation or free furniture rental up to a month, you can call our phone number 425-610-6624, where our professionals are going to ability to clear any doubts that you might have. If you want to visit our website edenhomestaging.com for more information about the services that we offer, or even look at our extensive portfolio with work that we have done.