How affordable is Home Staging Seattle? We offer many services to accommodate your budget, ranging from just real estate photography, vacant home staging, interior styling which is a home design service and occupied home staging. Many of these services have different pricing and location and property matters as well when it comes to pricing. Our goal is to make sure you are able to sell your home faster and at an outstanding value.

How does Home Staging Seattle solve the problem of home buyers refusing a home. Well it’s simple, and it starts with the vibe they get from a home. That emptiness of a home makes home buyers feel uneasy or bored of what their potential home can look like. This service is to make your home ready for a house tour and give the home buyer the chance and an idea of what they’re home can look like when they purchase it. This will give the home buyer a higher chance of purchasing their new home. 68% of home buyers are disappointed when looking at a house tour because it doesn’t look anything like the homes on television. This is where they come in and ensure the house is well staged for the house tours.

How we work at Home Staging Seattle is that we will have expert stylists and professional movers to come inside the home and add furniture or home decor depending on the size of the home. It is to help you sell your home at a good value. We offer packages that can help with your budget and packages to help with your home being vacant or full. These services include vacant home staging. Real estate photography, home styling, and occupied home staging. These are the services we utilize to help you sell your home or even decorate your own home in a stylish way. Our goal is to get your home sold at a high value and of course they won’t be able to keep the furniture but they get that baseline of an idea to be able to decorate their own home. It has been proven that this service helps with many homebuyers to them even wanting the same exact setup in their property.

Overall our goal is to make sure you can sell your home and get good value out of it so you can be satisfied with our service. We work with experts and professionals only to ensure you can have the highest quality and affordability. This service is for you if you are selling your home and want to catch people’s attention. It can also work for you if you are trying to style your own home as well.

Feel free to reach us at 425-610-6624 for any questions or concerns. Our website is for any more questions and to find out more about our business and services we offer. There is more information on the website and a gallery to give you an idea of what we can do for you at this business.

Home Staging Seattle | Make It Easy On Yourself

In Home Staging Seattle our real estate photo service will provide a professional photographer and will utilize the existing property of the homeowners. Our occupied home staging service will provide an expert home stylist to come and check the property and have the placement of furniture moved around, this will ensure that the home looks nice and very well done for any walkthrough. This service also provides furniture rental service in which will be delivered to the property and taken back till the home has been purchased. Interior styling, beauty and function is our expertise, we will give our expert opinion and ideas to have your property looking beautiful and very stylish. Recommendations ranging from furniture to painted walls and changed floors. This is service is for our clients or home buyers.

Who is the ideal and likely client of Home Staging Seattle? Our service is for anyone looking to sell their homes and have it set up for walkthroughs to give any home buyers the baseline of how they can set up their homes in the future. This service includes packages ranging from real estate photography to vacant home staging. These services will ensure that the homes look ready for walkthroughs and will give that sense of feeling of being at home for our buyers instead of an empty house that will discourage buyers from looking at the property. The more appliances and furniture the more likely that the buyer will stay to look around which gives a high chance of purchase at top dollar.

Our quality standard at Home Staging Seattle is high. We have experts in styling that have helped many home sellers. These experts are good at what they do and enjoy what they do. They will utilize the backgrounds, the wall paintings, the floor, the home decor to make sure that your house stands out to home buyers and guarantees that you sell your home as soon as possible. Our experts ensure that the quality is top tier and can give you as well the home you desire with our home styling package and service. Our professional movers always make sure all the furniture and home decor is of good grade and well built with 0 damage and properly installed so no issues arise in the near future making everything nice and spotless.

Overall our service can benefit yourself and home buyers so this will ensure that you are happy with the company and get your money’s worth. We have many more options and plans on our website that will help you dictate which is the best plan for you. A great investment to your home shouldn’t be lost and that’s what we’re here for. To get the most of your home contact us to obtain your business. We will ensure your home looks amazing for your house tours and real estate photos.

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