We are a hard-working and dedicated home staging Seattle company that leads with honesty, integrity, and compassion. We like to say that we are a client base company because we wants to be helpful to our customers. Our main goal is not only to provide professional and amazing work, but also every four clients will be learning along the process. Our duty as a home staging company is to teach and love our customers, by guiding them to the right path on how to create the wow factor to every person no matter if it’s a customer or against that walks into your home. In order to stay accountable we are located in the greater Seattle area along with 55 more areas. We are also including Styling/designing consultation virtually, for those people who are not near the areas.

Our home staging Seattle offers different services in order to serve every customer’s needs. As interior stylists’ we like to see that we can create a beautiful space with a balance of beauty and function. Which is why we have come up with several services that will help every customer, no matter what their needs are or for what they will need it. This means that no matter if you are going to use your house for whether is to,rent, sell your house or even to for personal use we are here to help. We want to be a accountable option, that will provide a professional service in order for you to have the best results. We know how important it is to have experience people doing this work, which is why we have to train our team and along the years we have been together experience in order to provide only the very best outcomes for the very best customers.

Our first home staging Seattle service is vacant home service which is a fabulous option for homeowners looking to invest a small from fee and speeding up the sales process. Many of our customers have talked about our amazing vacant staging services and how it has helped them to boost the cells. Some of them has said that their house has only been up to three days on the market, and that the have been even offered more than what they were offering. What we provide with this amazing service is a professionally staged home where we want to only maximize the potential buyer off each house. Our company takes care from our top-notch furniture to the artwork, lightning, area rugs to the actual stories.

Our home occupied home staging is a service that it’s great for home sellers who want to benefit from positive impacts of home staging but haven’t found their next home. This service is more about using the furniture that the owner already has and creating a whole different environment and a new room with the same furniture, by only adding small details and helping them to make smart decisions that will tide everything. Lastly we offer our stylings/design where we have a extensive catalog where you can choose from, and the style that lasts fits your personality or preferences.

To get a free vacant consultation you can visit our website edenhomestaging.comand fill the web form. Or for any questions or concerns you can call our phone number 425-610-6624, were our professionals will be ready to cleared up any doubts that you might have. We are excited and look forward to doing business with you, and bring your vision house into reality.

Home Staging Seattle | Maximizing the Potential of Your House

Our home staging Seattle can transform blank spaces its own personality, warm, and inviting space potential buyers. What you can expect from our company is that we’re going to be looking out for every detail possibly, which is why we’re going to analyzer your floor plan creatively in order to create something different and beautiful. We offer top-notch furniture pieces and even lovely details that will tide up everything together to make the house a vision for someone’s home or even your own. This will depend if you are trying to sell it, rented or even keep it for yourself. No matter what you are needing our services, our company is here to help and make your dreams into reality. What you can expect and this is some of the results that we have get in the past is that you will only stay in the market for a few days and you will probably receive a higher offering and what you’re asking.

Or home staging Seattle is also very professional and all their communication, we are always responding only to persons our customers may have and we also have the best rates of all comparing to our competitors. all that you can expect from our company positive experience every step of the process. You will end up so happy with our services that you will end up recommending our company to other people. Our amazing staff is what makes the company the best, which is what we efficient workers that come into your house and show care in any to make your home shine. Our staff is trained in order to be friendly and answer any questions that you might have at the moment.

Only you can expect from our home staging Seattle are positive services and that you were going to the consumer. We’re going to work quickly, by providing only the very best results that we can give you. As well as rescheduling that we offered. We 100 recommend our company because you’re going to make your staging look fantastic and you’re going to be competitively priced in order to keep you only the best services, while doing it for price. We are a professional business, that is always hard working to detail and we ensure that you’re going to happen on a beautiful job at staging. Because we are committed to our customers you can only spend professionalism which is why we are are never going to be late and always will have a solid communication. We are going to give you possible designs, no matter what your timeframe in, we are here to make it happen and solve your problems.

We are a hard-working company that is dedicated to each and every of our customers always flitting with honesty, integrity, and compassion in it we worked with you. Our main goal is to bring the wow factor in only for you but for everyone who comes in into your house. What we want is that every customers will be able to fill out along the process while they are always being taught by our professionals. We ensure that you will be heard as well as you are going to be learning along the way, because we want to make ourselves helpful.

If you want to get a free rental furniture for up to a month or a free vacant consultation you can visit our website edenhomestaging.com where you can feel our form. For any questions or concerns can, our phone number 425-610-6624, where our professionals are going to be ready to answer any questions or concerns that you might have at the moment. We are here to bring to life the vision that you might be having.