As the top home staging Seattle, we like to say as a customer oriented company. Our goal is to with honesty, integrity, and compassion. We work hard to be dedicated as we can, and love our customers. We are always looking out to be helpful, and that along the process we are teaching and our customers are learning long hours. Because we have a team of experts, which goals are to use her gifts and talents to change the looks, and bring light to the rooms and houses that we are styling.

Our own customers have put us at the top home staging Seattle. Our clients are always saying how our talented team has reinvented their house and how they would highly recommend us. Our goal is to enhance the rooms that we are styling, by giving them the balance between beauty and function. Whether there need is to sell, rent or enhance their own room; every customer that we’ve work with is always happy with the outcome and are always recommending us. Our customers can tell that this work is our passion, and that we’re not just completing one or more job but we also put here into every project. We have many testimonials on how we have staged homes for sale, and they were successfully sold.

To stay as the top home staging Seattle, we make sure that we are accessible to almost every customer as much as we can. Eden Home Staging is located in the greater Seattle area, and also serves 28 more counties. Are you not in Seattle and still want to contact us? Good news! If your desire is to hire us for our amazing styling/designing services, we offer consulting services that can be made in person were virtually. We offer two types of consultations, depending on your budget and timing. The first one is call in tearing styling consultations, which covers a discovery call, space planning design flow, and a vision board. For the color palate consultation, it’s specifically to find the perfect color palette that goes along with your visual desire.

If you are a new homeowner, or just want to enhance your place we also have a service call interior designing/styling/concept. If you are interested in our services we help you to purchase, shop, furniture placement and other interior design needs that we can help with. Whether you want to freshen off or redesign a space, to redecorate, to create a designing plan, Eden Home Staging will help you to achieve the dream design that you have in mind. We ensure that you will have a professional and high quality work, as well as unique designs for your own house.

If you are interested in our services, you can feel free to go to our website When you can have more information about our services offered, portfolios with images attached and even testimonials of our former happy customers. If you have any additional questions or would like to communicate with one of our experts, you can call to our phone number, 425-610-6624. Will be glad to hear back from you, and help to clear out any doubts.

Home Staging Seattle

Do you want to have the services of the top home staging Seattle? You come to the right place. Weather is furnishing your house, to redesigning or even creating a new style for your house, we are the right company for you. Eden Home Staging will like to offer a space space with balance of beauty and function. We are professionals, that guarantee a high quality services with an exquisite taste. We are experts, that are pleased to use our gifts and talents to serve and help people by offering the top service. We are going to be able to maximize the potential of every room, to enhance the beauty of each.

To make sure that you are having the top home staging Seattle, we’re going to review some of the services that we provide. Whether you are looking out to sell, rent or even enhance your own space we got your back offering a high quality service. Our work is certified by the best experts that you can imagine, with a lot of know which will make your house look different. Our perfect customers are those who are moving out that will allow us to do a full baking staging service, relocating, renovating, selling rental property, or even building a new property in which they will need our services.

As a top home staging Seattle our goal is to design/style your house to make it look like unrecognizable. We offer a numerous of options, from modern to classic styles. We try to even look as much as even be elements and materials to wrap everything together so it would lead look as smooth as possible. Whether you one minimalistic lines, clean lines, simple color palettes, to pop up colors, we got you! We are here to make your dream house come true our. We’re not just one more home staging company, we also provide interior styling/home design.

We have many services when it comes to interior styling. With our help we can we commend you some good pieces of furniture and even stories that you could purchase in order to bring the idea that you have in mind. The fantastic thing about this service, is that you can bring your dream home and to life while you’re saving up. Because we are a customer oriented company, we like to connect and have a conversation with the customer in order to see what does the client has in mind. Also able to advise even the slightest lists as meta-changes, that will bring dramatic change to your home. As meta-changes are important because this is what brings together the furniture, accessories.

Remember, if you are trying to freshen up or redesign a space, redecorate, or even adding new furnishing to your home, Eden Home Staging is the best for you. Free to contact us through our website,, where you can get a free vacant consultation; along with a free rental furniture, up to a month! If you also want to contact our experts for any questions, you can cut them us through our phone number 425-610-6624. Will be glad to clear any questions that you might have, and will be happy to hear back from you.