Why is Eden Home Staging the top home staging Seattle? First of all we like to lead with honesty, integrity, and compassion. We are a hard-working company that is dedicated to love and teach along the way every client that we have. We like to serve our our customers with different services, where they can choose from. Our goal is that no matter what your needs are, we can be helpful. We like to think that our gifts and talents are made to change the world and to create a unique work that will differentiate from other companies.

When is the right time to contact the top home staging Seattle? We’re trying to serve our clients by providing the services in vacant home staging, occupy home staging, styling/design consulting. The answer is whenever you’re moving out for a full vacant staging, relocating, renovating, selling a rental property, or if you even have a new bill property. No matter what you need is, we’re here to meet those needs and help you as much as we can. A home company, we not only wants to state your house but to make a space fabulous and beautiful as possible, while maintaining functionality to it.

How to maintain at the top home staging Seattle? You simply need to maintain a number solution for your client needs. In other words would like to maintain as accessible as possible to the customer. Whether this means you will have different locations, or having different types of services that will help a number of customers. We are mainly located in the greater Seattle area, along with 28 more counties. Because we like to maintain ourselves as accessible as possible, our styling/design services can be done as a meet in person or virtually.

You can choose from our three types of services depending on your need. A vacant home staging service, is mostly for homeowners that are trying to make a smart investment, to speed the sale of their property. We also offered the occupants staging service, which is great for sellers who want to sell but they haven’t found their next home yet. This means we have a that we create a dramatic transformation while using their furniture. This type of service comes with four types of consultation and extra services. This consultations range from $125-$300. We have from the simplest consultation, which is walking and giving you insight from my room, to a more complex consultation plus a written report that will send to you.

If you are interested on our services, you can visit our website edenhomestaging.com and you could even get a “free vacant home consultation,” along with a free rental furniture, up to a month! You can also look into more detail our services offered, as well as a portfolio with more information and images of the design/styles that we offered. If you have any doubts or concerns you can call our phone number, 425-610-6624. Will be glad to hear back from you, and clear out any doubts.

Home Staging Seattle

To ensure that we stay as the top home staging Seattle and that our customers needs are minutes, we offer several services for anyone to meet. Whether your plans are to rent, sell or enhance your own place, Eden Home Staging is the best so. We guarantee a high-quality and professional work. Our main goal is to help you enhance and while we have the perfect balance of beauty and function. Whether you want to change your furniture, stage a selling or rental home to having dramatic cosmetic changes, we are able to do it.

We like to be the top home staging Seattle, so we want that every of our customers needs is covered we offered different types of services and types of consultations. If you’re trying to home stage you rental for a selling property, we offer two types of services. The services are called occupied home staging and vacant home staging. The occupied home staging is great for those home sellers who want to sell their house, but have not found their next home yet. We will provide help by accomplishing a beautiful design style while using the furniture’s items of the owner. Our vacant home staging is fabulous for those home owners want to make a significant investment to boost the sale of their property.

To stay as the top home staging, we also are offering services in interior styling with great Home Staging Seattle. We have many experts in the topics, which love to use their gifts to create a unique work and style. For all the business about public relationships, so we’re going to try to have a conversation where you will get to ask questions about the process and pricing. We are here to help and advise our clients by recommended purchases of furniture, this is great if you’re trying to update and enhance your house. This will save you time and even money you don’t only by furniture just to buy. Of course we are a client oriented company, that is why we will pay attention to your budget and even listen to your ideas. Our-advice-is-to-help-you-find-perfect and even the smartest purchases that will have a refreshing impact in your home.

Because designing is more than just furniture, we also advise a simple but that can cause a dramatic cosmetic change. Of course, we pay attention to your budget and ideas, so depending on your budget and timing, we might suggest painting, and cosmetic improvements. We believe that the beauty is in detail, so even as its small as it seems, the team things count into consideration to bring the balance needed in a room. For interior styling we have to type of consultations. The first is called interior styling consultation, that includes a discovery call, space planning and design flow, and a vision report. The second consultation is the color palate, this will help you to a specified the perfect color for your house. Since we believe that your walls connect to the overall visual desire

If you are interested in our services, you can visit our website edenhomestaging.com. If you visit our website right now, you can get a free vacant home consultation, and a free rental furniture, up to a month! You can also check out were portfolio with our designs and files, with images attached. If you want to start representatives on one of our experts, you can call our phone number 425-610-6624. We will be glad to hear back from you and clear up any questions.