Being a top home staging Seattle is more than just furnishing, it is about interior design and how you bring a roll to life. The company likes to stay in the latest trends in order to to offer quality services. At Eden Home Staging we are all about creating a space for the with the perfect balance of beauty and function. Whatever your plans from the relocating, renovating, selling a rental property or even building a new property we got the best services that you can imagine.

To ensure a top home staging Seattle we not only include furnishing allocation, but we also offer latest trends on design and styling. We have five different styles from which you can choose from according to what your needs and desires. For example we have transitional interior design, which is a combination of traditional furnishing with some moderate elements that make the room look balance with a particular style. Second of all at the contemporary design. The name doesn’t come because of a particular period of time, but because this style is more of what is trending at the moment.

Being known as a top home staging Seattle, is as easy as maintaining various services friend customer needs. Which is why we like to offer different designs were our customers can choose from. On the other hand we also have modern design, which follows a simple color palettes, clean lines and it usually borrows styles from the 50s and 60s. This style is mostly recognize because getting close to metal, glass and steel. This is a design that it’s very known because of its minimalism and every element. We also offer the mid century modern style, which is a home with clean lines, and a simple color palette, this style also is known to include metal, glass and steel. Even though this is a known for being a very minimalism in every element, it is to be found more masculine visually.

Our two glass tiles are one of the most popular in the market right now. The organic bo is very popular because it’s a mixture of periods of time and place in the world, which is what makes it fascinating. This style is known to have very earthly elements such as natural finish woods, and animal furs, poufs and plants; and even a combination with soft fabrics. Lastly our modern farmhouse style, incorporates the clean lines from the modern style and mixes it with industrial elements.

If you go to our website right now, you’ll find a free vacant home consultation offer. As well for you rental furniture, up to a month! Feel free to navigate through our webpage,, and see our service offered in more detail. We highly encourage you to also check our portfolio, where we have attached images of the above-mentioned styles. If you have any questions, you can also call our experts to our phone number, 425-610-6624. We are glad to answer any questions or concerns, since we like to be as useful as we can.

Home Staging Seattle

Because we like to see ourselves as the top home staging Seattle company, we try to offer the best services that we can for our clients. Eden Home Staging likes to serve your home staging, styling and design needs. We want to be the best at home staging and designing, since we know that we have the ability to make a room or a house to stand out. At Eden Home Staging our values are to always work hard for you the desires of our customers and be as dedicated in whatever we do. We also like to work and leave with honesty, integrity, and compassion. Were always trying to move ourselves helpful, and problem solvers of our customers when it comes to home staging and design.

Being a top home staging Seattle company, we believe that our gifts and talents are made to create a unique work, alongside with quality and professionalism. We can only ensure you that you will not only about the results, but you will fall in love with the process along side with us. We believe that we can bring the wall factor into your home. Our exquisite taste and vast experience and home staging and design, will not only satisfy you to everyone who comes into your house.

To ensure we stay as a top home staging Seattle company, we like to offer several services for different target audiences. Whether you are selling, renting, enhancing your house, our services are made for you. What services we offer? We have our three main services which are vacant home staging, occupied home staging, and styling/design consultant. We have many effective stories is that have hired us to stage selling properties, and have testified that this has made the selling is easier. We are here to maximize the potential of every house, to ensure that it will book its best for whatever reason it’s going to be used.

Were big fans of style, design and visual presentations. Our goal is to help make your home look as best as we can and even set a plan to keep looking great. Because we like to be a company that likes to serve their customers and gives them the best quality of our work: we make ourselves as accessible as possible. Eden Home Staging is locating in the greater Seattle area, but have expanded into 28 more counties. As of our styles/design services, we offer our consulting services meetings in person or virtual.

There is more information about us and our website, where you can see in more detail at the services offered and even hear more of our background story. If you go out to our webpage,, you can get a free vacant home consultation, along with a free rental furniture, up to a month! We like you to be informed, so there is evening extensive portfolio of our work and even testimonials of former clients. If you have any questions or concerns or even if you just decided to talk to one of our experts, you can contact us or phone number, 425-610-6624. We will be glad to hear back from you, and clear up any doubts that you might have.