Eden Home Staging is the best at providing Top home staging Seattle. We not only care about business but we also care about the customer’s thoughts and opinions. For us the most important thing is providing professional work, while creating a relationship with the customer. At Eden Home Staging we like to pay attention to your thoughts, because it is your house so you have a say on what you want and what you don’t. We’re here to maximize the beauty of your home, so we tried to look out for the potential of the spaces we are going to transform.

When providing the best and the top home staging Seattle Eden Home Staging at doing so. We like to differentiate from many other home staging companies through our goals an values. Many of the values that we like to consider in our company are are honesty, integrity, and compassion. We like ensure that every project is as important as the other, this is why we work hard to exploit every space to its maximum potential. We are a value-oriented company that is why we’re always looking to be helpful to our customers. To ensure a quality product we are always learning new techniques and staying up to date with the latest trends.

When it comes to the top home staging Seattle, we like to considered our selves as a number one company, fulfilling every costumer’s needs. We like to ensure that every room in a house is maximized to its potential. Our company is not about just feeling up a room, but also giving life and bringing style to it. Some of the services that we provide is vacant home staging, occupied home staging, styling/design consulting. To that went to detail the vacant home staging, is for those homeowners who are want to invest in their selling home, just wanting their customers to have an idea of what the home would you like furnished. We like to professionally stage your home, because our goal is that every person that comes into your house will be amused by the outcome making your house to stand out amongst the competitors in the market.

We also offer an occupied home staging service. This type of service works for every home sellers that wants to sell the house, but they haven’t find their next home yet. Occupied home staging services have four types of plans that will accommodate to your needs. We try to accommodate to the customers needs as much as possible. We offer consultations from walk into talking with our professionals, to a more detailed report. We try to be a company client oriented which means that we try to fulfill every individual need and dreams that a customer might have in mind.

We tried that every existing client and even potential clients feel important and listened. This is why we are offering a free rental furniture that it’s up to a month. To make it better were also offering a free vacant home consultation. If this is something you would be interested in it you could visit our website edenhomestaging.com for more information. You can also feel free to check our portfolio and the words that we have done so you can have a mind of what our work looks like. For any questions and concerns you can call our phone numbers 425-610-6624 and we will be glad to hear from you.

Top Home Staging Seattle

We have many offers going on right now so if you’re looking for the top home staging Seattle you’ve come to the right place. We are a company that cares to fulfill every customers desires. Which is why we like to give the customer the freedom to navigate through our websites and pick the best plan that would work for them. We understand that everyone has different needs, that is why we have created four types of plans offer different services. Some of these services are walking and talk occupied consultation, walk-n-talk occupied consultation plus a written report, photo prep staging service and partial staging service.

Eden Home Staging is a top home staging Seattle that offers several plans were occupied home staging.To start off we have the walk-n-talk occupied consultation which is basically is a condensed version giving you the needed information to make your home captivating to the eye. This service takes about one hour and it’s a walk through your home with you giving you inside the room by room with directions and insights to make it look irresistible. The walk and talk occupied consultation plus a written response includes everything that has been mentioned before but it also includes a detailed report with all that has been discussed. This makes it easier for the homeowner to follow the notes.

As a top home staging Seattle, we try to fulfill the customers needs of each customer that is why we have several plans that can work. Adding up we have the photo prep start staging service, this package is available after a walk-n-talk occupied consultation has been done. The goal for this service to enhance the expansion of the space, simply create photos to bring attention to the focal points of the home. Lastly, we do a partial staging service, which depends on the desire of the homeowner we create a partial staging furniture rental based on the consultation assessments. Furniture, accessories and the arts will be discussed with the owner as we go staging as well as the rental fee that will be set up with a stage contract.

Interior styling is our passion because you like to fulfill every individual needs and dreams of every client in different ways. We try to focus on the bigger picture so our clients are happy with every furniture, the court, and art making it feel like home. Because we like to consider ourselves a customer oriented company would like to start a conversation with every owner about the project, given an estimate and a possible action plan. The decision is in the customer, that is why we can provide as much or as little design service as needed.

If you would like to know more about our company and our work, you can go to our website edenhomestaging.com and check out our portfolio. This way you can see the different styles and designs that we offer and make sure you like what you see. Also you can get a free vacant home consultation, along with a free rental furniture up to one month. If you have any questions or concerns you can also call us to our phone number 425-610-6624 and will be glad to hear from you.