We’re here to help at Top Home Staging Seattle and we’re good at what we do. 68% of realtors have stated that home buyers were disappointed by how the property appeared compared to those on tv. The issue is that they are mostly vacant and empty and most buyers wish to see how their property will look. 63% of home purchasers request to have their homes look like the ones they saw at the house tours with all the furniture and home decor. That’s where we would help in many ways whether it be a simple photography to a more advanced service as in vacant home decor. These services will ensure that buyers will be convinced by the home decor and the ability to have the knowledge into putting in that effort to purchase the similar home decor and furniture to make it look the way we styled it. This will guarantee the purchase of your home and at a high value.

The services we offer at Top Home Staging Seattle include vacant home staging, interior styling, home design, occupied home staging and real estate home photography. These services will benefit you in any situation you may be in whether it’s your home that’s vacant or you just want some pictures of your home to sell online, they all vary. Our real estate photography service will have a professional photographer come take pictures of your home. An expert stylist will make arrangements around the home to ensure the home looks nice and beautiful for any online photo to be placed for sale on the internet. Help us help you in selling your home faster.

Our other services at Top Home Staging Seattle area occupied home staging and real estate photography. This service of occupied home staging is for when you have furniture in the home but need expert advice as to where to position the furniture. This will include optional rentals and moving around furniture to make the home look presentable and ready for a house tour. This service will also include photo prep staging. Making everything look nice and simple with this service and you will be the highest competition there is as well as to sell faster. Recommendations ranging from furniture to painted walls and changed floors. This is service is for our clients or home buyers.

These services are made for your home selling experience and to ensure you get the highest pay from selling your home. A great investment to your home shouldn’t be lost and that’s what we’re here for. To get the most of your home contact us to obtain your business. We will ensure your home looks amazing for your house tours and real estate photos. Want to obtain your business!

Contact us at 425-610-6624 for any questions or concerns. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and thank you for your time. Any unanswered questions can be found at our website at https://edenhomestaging.com/. Visit our gallery and check out our other services.

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In Top Home Staging Seattle our real estate photo service will provide a professional photographer and will utilize the existing property of the homeowners. Our occupied home staging service will provide an expert home stylist to come and check the property and have the placement of furniture moved around, this will ensure that the home looks nice and very well done for any walkthrough. This service also provides furniture rental service in which will be delivered to the property and taken back till the home has been purchased. Interior styling, beauty and function is our expertise, we will give our expert opinion and ideas to have your property looking beautiful and very stylish.

We work with experts and professionals at Top Home Staging Seattle. We know the quality of our work is always of the highest tier. We have professionals moving furniture and loading and unloading any appliance. We have style experts to show what they want and think is best for any home decor. Everything to be set for you to sell your home and top value and as quickly as possible. 68% of realtors have said that home buys were disappointed by how the house looked compared to those seen on television. Many homebuyers want an idea of what their new home will appear to be. Of course they won’t keep any of the furniture for it as rentals but they obtain a baseline to what they can make their property appear to be.

What are we at Top Home Staging Seattle? Our business is to help those selling their homes or flipping houses. Another package includes occupied home staging which will utilize the homeowners existing furniture and decor, a rental of furniture service is also included in this package to fill in the house for the pleasure of viewing for any walkthroughs going in to view at the property. We offer a variety of services. If you wish to learn more we have a FAQ page to see what our service is all about. We provide a service to have vacant houses be filled with furniture to convince home buyers to purchase the home and give them a feel of what their new home will appear to be in the future. This gives a higher probability of your home being bought instantly and at the highest value giving you more to earn from your home selling.

Our other plans include occupied home staging which will utilize any furniture that you own and will be styled by one of our experts. Can range from moving around couches or adding wall art and some decor to your property staying the same if our experts love the look. Rentals of furniture are also available with this service as well. Our other service includes interior styling, a home design service which is for your benefit. This service is for you and it’s to help you style your own home. You will be given expert advice and recommendations to purchase of different furniture,

Contact us at for a quote and an appointment at 425-610-6624 and visit our website to find out more and what were all about at https://edenhomestaging.com/