Eden home is the top home staging seattle, serving honesty, integrity and compassion through their work. We believe that every house should have a wow factor and be given the ability to stand out. We offer his pricing. We operate with integrity and we always get back. We are meticulous. We started in 2017, and we have been making it more affordable and accommodating ever cents. We offer one month of free rental furniture, and free consultation. We are the highest rated best quality home staging service in Seattle. Follow us on Instagram and find us on Facebook to keep up with all the fun.

What occupied home staging services are offered at top home staging seattle? The occupied home staging services offered at unit homes are to clients that are still living in the home but now the great benefits that stage home can offer when it comes to selling their house. You will be amazed because we can provide you a beautiful, dramatic transformation as you can try to complement the police dialed staging home with our occupied student services. We used furniture that you already have a long with adding extra decor, art furniture, and he says it for more energy that will bring it really to the next wow factor.

What services of occupied seating are offered to top home staging seattle? All of our furniture accessories are only available for rent and we will always discuss with you our rental fees instead of whenever we have a consultation. We go above and beyond to help you advise with the simple cosmetic changes and will do what we can to, depending on your budget and timing and help you out with painting and cosmetic improvements that result in a super high return on your investment. We do a DIY walk and talk occupied consultation. This is where we give you the information you need to make it home showcase what it needs to be giving you all the tabs and staging tools that you will ever possibly need

We offer a one hour consultation where we do a walk-through of your home with you, giving you step-by-step in room by room directions on how to make your home stand out making the buyers have an unforgettable experience in this house. We call this walk and talk style consultation to guide you to prepare your house for showing it out. It’s very best and most beautiful. Once completed over recommendations and you want to take your house to the next level we can easily add a photo prep package for an occupied whole supplements DJ package.

Visit our website, https://edenhomestaging.com/ this is where you will find our portfolio project done in the past, client testimonials, frequently asked questions, and more information on how to schedule your free consultation. By calling us today at 425-610-6624 you can get more information on how you can get free rental furniture for up to one month, free consultation, and the highest rated most reviewed. Best quality home staging business in Seattle.

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We at Eden top home staging seattle, offer on his pricing operate with integrity and we always love to get back. You can experience that Eden home staging difference. I eat in Home we like to get back. Every year we set aside a percentage of our sales for the organization to operate for the kingdom. We offer up to one month of free rental furniture, and a free consultation. We are the highest rated and best quality home staging service in Seattle. You can always run into him and like us on Facebook to keep up with all the fun. We like to meticulously stage to help your home sell quicker.

What is the photo prep package at top home staging seattle? Or photo preps teaching services are helping you with the areas that need photographing and bring attention to the focal points in your home for the best possible optimal online presence. After assessing each of the rooms and the ideal goals, then we go to our photo proceeding service 10 hands each space for the best online presents and the buyer walk-through and I’m unforgettable. Once you have created this together and we come back and help you stay in the room before it’s photographed. We want you to best showcase your home to all the potential buyers. Our goal is for you to benefit from the positive effects each stage chain can have on your beautiful home.

What are the occupied supplemental staging services at top home staging seattle? At Eden home we have occupied supplemental staging services and depending on the homeowner, we may offer the occupied package where we offer the furniture, rental services and base it on the assessment at our consultation walk and talk. We offer the accessories furniture in order for rent and that can be discussed with the realtor and the homeowner. We build this quote and a plan and we go over that monthly so that would be set up with a stage contract.

Why do you recommend staging a home? Well it sells faster, it allows you to truly stand out from your competition, and it allows you to earn top dollar. People usually spend an average of six minutes in a home. Stage home spent half the time in the oven and stayed home on the market. Stage homes usually get 6% above asking price. If there’s a bake at home, the buyer should only probably stay in there for about five minutes but if it’s furnished and they usually stay up there for 40 it’s really great for them to get a chance to visualize the house and be able to plan and get an idea for it as Gary Keller from Keller Williams always says price get to your interest. Over 82% buyers definitely find it easier to visualize their property before as their own future holds, when it is stage rather than if it’s weekend.

You can visit us online at https://edenhomestaging.com/ if I don’t worry about our services in our projects.
By calling us today at 425-610-6624 you could experience the highest rated best quality service that Seattle has to offer