When it is time to schedule a stage with the top home staging Seattle Company, we want to schedule a chance to stage after your quote that works for both you, your client, your realtor and our staging schedule before the listing date. We will tour the home with our professional designers and make a Staging plan Which is built off of your quote for your review that we will email you later. Once you confirm the staging package and finalize the cost, then we can get started on the job. Once the job is confirmed and the contract is complete, just pay 50% of the deposit and we can lock in a confirmed install date.

If you’re wondering how we will access your home at top Home staging Seattle, we need to require a lockbox or a door or a garage code for access into the property to make your reservation. All the construction must be completed and your home must be cleaned before our furniture is delivered safely and is easy to set up. So it collects interest in the safety of our Home Staging Seattle materials. If you’re wondering what our staging includes, it includes furniture, decor, art, lamps, lighting fixtures, a professional moving team and an interior stylist. We provide pickup and delivery of all furniture that is used.

What does a typical Staging day look like at top home staging Seattle? Well on the stage day, the furniture is delivered and we get the preliminary set up finished. Once reception is completed and the furniture layout is finished and the decor is set up how you and your realtors’ needs require, then we will be good to go to list. Our luxury homes take 2 to 3 days to plan for installation and completion of the seating. We ask that you please let us finish staging before you tour the home and you will receive a confirmation text or email when the station is complete and ready to be photographed.

For the day of removal or destaging, we require that you schedule us at least seven days in advance. We will need a lock box with a key for this process. For all of our conveniences, please do not remove it before we have finished the staging. Just like restaging, you will receive a confirmation via email or text when all the staging materials have been removed. And if you use rental furniture with us your first month is going to be free. Our process is easy and cohesive and ensures that our customers will save time and money going out route with our staging process. We are here to get you the best deal that you can get.

If you have any other questions for our staging process, we have a wonderful and easy to use website that can answer all of your questions when you go to https://edenhomestaging.com/contact-us/ today. You can also view all of our testimonials as well as look at our portfolio pictures that we have taken after each and every project to impress you even further. If there are questions you have about our website that you cannot find an answer to, we have wonderful representatives that can be reached at 425-610-6624 for a more personalized experience. When you are asking our representatives your questions about our website or our services, be sure to ask when you can receive your free quote today.

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You can have many questions if you’ve never used a top home staging Seattle company for your homes or property staging needs. If your home didn’t go pending prior to the initial 30 day timeline for our staging rentals, is it possible to renew the rental furniture? Although we do understand that being on the market isn’t the most ideal situation for as long as possible, a rental fee will be billed for each additional month that you use our furniture. But call our representative KA today to find out how you can receive your first month of renting our furniture for free. We know late fees aren’t ideal and want to provide you with many deals and rates!

When you are ready to receive our staging at Top Home staging Seattle, we will let you know how you can walk in and confirm that you have a designer coming to your home to be able to stage your property. 50% of the total cost is a deposit that is due to schedule your staging. Payment will be processed on a credit card that will be placed on file when you sign the Staging contract. The remaining 50% is only due the completion of the stage and that payment will also be processed by the credit card you put on file. Renewal extensions are also offered and again, that payment will be processed via credit card.

You will not be in the dark when it comes to invoicing at top home staging Seattle. You will be invoiced a renewal fee for any additional month beyond the original 30 days provided in the staging contract seven days prior to the next billing cycle. Remember, that first month is free. If the home is sold prior to the 30 day renewal and date many want to know if we provide refunds for any unused age time. We do not offer refunds, but when you can request weekly, biweekly and monthly rental rates. With this easy to use rental system, we can ensure that you know exactly what you’re paying for and you will not be paying any more or less than the quality you receive.

Our customers rave at how we reinvent their home into a home that is show worthy. Many of our customers recommend us to their friends and family and we love to stage in many areas in the Seattle area. Not only are our designers flexible with the timing of bringing furniture in, but we work well when you change your mind several times. We know that vendors can’t change their schedules when it comes to repairs and alternate completion dates, so we want to be the one factor that is always consistent and flexible with whatever changes you are needing. We will do a consultation at your home and determine the appropriate package for the home suites.

If you’d like to view all of our testimonials as well as wonderful photos in our portfolio from all the projects we have serviced, then you can feel free to do so on are easy to use a website at https://edenhomestaging.com/contact-us/ at your earliest convenience. If there is information that you cannot find on our website, we would love for you to talk to one of our wonderful representatives today at 425-610-6624 and also be sure to ask about all the amazing deals that are available at the time of your staging needs. Just the most on your home investment and go with our services today.