The best in top home staging Seattle company that can be found is our staging company. Our vacancy staging service is available for homeowners looking to invest into the staging process of selling their property faster and for a better price than one and bacon home and normally bring. While we design and stage your home, we want to make sure to bring that magazine quality to your space so your realtor has no trouble selling this house on the market. Schedule your free consultation with us today so our professional designers can come to your space and see style will work best with the flow of your home.

Our staging service does not just stop at furniture at the top home staging Seattle company. We also furnish your space with area rugs, light fixtures, and any other interior fixtures needed to improve the look and feel of your home you were trying to put on the market. All of our furnishings are billed on a monthly contract like a garage unit, and your first month you can receive all this furniture for free. With every home and homeowner as well as potential buyers being so different, we offer a variety of styles that work best for the market today.

If you’re planning on moving out of your home, relocating to a new area, renovating or flipping a home, our top home staging Seattle staging company will be able to satisfy your needs as well as get your property in tiptop shape for you and your family. We have many designs including transitional, NW contemporary, modern, mid century modern, organic BoHo, modern farmhouse, and more! For a wide selection such as this, we know that there will be something for every client’s needs. If you don’t have the opportunity to move out of your space during the Staging process, we also provide occupied home staging for the convenience of you and your family.

Our founder’s passion has always been interior styling and designing. We love to work with our clients based on their unique and personalized needs, because not one household size fits all. We like to focus on the big picture and the heart of the home you are trying to stage or renovate, and come up with design elements that slow with your space. We will always keep our plans open to you so you know exactly the route we plan to take for the design elements. We understand purchasing furniture can be very expensive and figuring out which furniture to go best with your space can be confusing. Do not spend too much money and call our professionals today.

With so much information on her easy to use website, we ask and dare you to check out all of our testimonials as well as our many portfolio photos full of clients homes on our website at If there is some information listed on our website that is confusing or you have a question that is not found on our website, please give us a call today at 425-610-6624 and speak with one of our representatives to schedule your free walk through! We know that she will not regret this decision of staging in your home or renovating your home today. Get your home to sell faster and for a better price when you use our staging company today.

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To find the top home staging Seattle company that would best suit your staging needs, you want to review all of the testimonials that each company provides on their website as well as google raining. We are proud to announce that we have extremely wonderful testimonials as well as clients rave about our customer service as well as our professionalism one stage in their home. If you plan on selling a rental property or you want to do a new build on a property, we are happy to do this at Eden home staging today. We will do this effectively and quickly and knowing that time is money.

We offer many different designs and styles when it comes to our company at top home staging Seattle. We offer a transitional style that is a combination of more traditional furniture and a touch of modern elements that make the room look cohesive and one style. It provides balance in the unexpected mix and also gives a warm and cozy feel throughout the home. Not only do we offer a transitional style, but one of the many styles we also have NW contemporary. And although contemporary design has no references to any period of time, constantly changes to the likings of the market in modern day.

Other designs that we have available at the top Home staging Seattle company are our modern designs. Modern is exactly how you would imagine it to be, it is a broad term that is referring to normally clean lines, a neutral color palette, and materials used that can be found sparingly such as metal, glass, and steel. If you are a minimalist, then this is the style that you would attract. Besides regular modern, we also offer a mid century modern style that can be used within your home. This along with the normal modern style has a knot to clean lines, and neutral color palette in the same materials. This style, however, is more of a nod to masculine styling with cooler tones.

If modern is not your cup of tea, then our organic BoHo design may be right up your alley. It is very popular right now in the market with a mix of mid century, bohemian, and Scandinavian designs that all come from the same era but from all over different parts of the world. This design also uses neutral colors like white, gray, and black with splashes of color throughout the space. There are many earthy elements that reflect this BoHo feel such as words, first, plants, and anything that can be found in nature. With geometric prints and soft fabrics tied together, it raises the bar to luxury instead of keeping it a cheap quality feel.

To view all of the designs that we have available for our professional team members to implement in your home, please feel free to check out our website today at to see all of the photos we have taken after each project to show off, if you will. If you’re confused with some of our design elements, then we have amazing representatives that will be able to help you at the number 425-610-6624 and help schedule your free consultation and shed light on our deals for your first month of furniture rental being free. We love what we do and we know you will love the results!